Online conference & webinar: How to find the right online tone! 7 microphones in the test

We show you in our new video different types of microphones you can use for online video conferences or web seminars. Maybe you already have some of them at home.

We produced the video for the DIKT – Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- & MedienTraining GmbH and it is a live test for 7 different microphones. You can connect some of them directly with your pc via USB or with an audio cable. The microphones shown are smartphone headsets, earpods, podcast microphones, clip-on microphones or video microphones that you usually use for video cameras.

We show you what are the differences and what the perect usage of the different microphones. In our sound studio, we have tested them all in the same environment so you can compare their sound directly to each other. Now you can choose your microphone that fits perfect for your special situation. The right microphone is the first step for a better online video conference and your participants or colleagues will hear you perfect.

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