Corporate videos and corporate TV have already been taken for granted in large companies. But lately, more and more SMEs explore the potential of corporate video in the fields of internal and external communication.

brain script is your expert for corporate videos and corporate TV. Founder and managing director of the brain script GmbH, Dr. Nikolai A. Behr, has been working for about a decade in the fields of planning and production of corporate TV and image films. For his work, he has received several international awards. Additionally, he is also volunteering as the founding chairman of the CTVA –  Corporate TV & Video Association e.V., the first association that deals exclusively with corporate tv production by companies and institutions.
What is Corporate Video? The CTVA defines the term corporate video by any video offerings (i.e. videos, movies, entertainment, etc.), produced or mandated by a company and do not fit into the category “broadcast” or “advertising”.

What forms of corporate video are there?
The forms of corporate video are very diverse and can be used in various parts of the internal communication and external communication. There is employee TV, employee web videos, customer videos, stakeholder videos, supplier videos, web TV but also illustrated instruction manuals or training videos for employees.
Why should you use corporate video?
Corporate video is able to transfer information and emotions in an entertaining and fast way. The direct approach that is created by the use of corporate TV has a more personal effect than the written word. With the through corporate TV created emotions your message can reach the exact target group you defined. The possibilities to use corporate video and thereby resulting benefits are many. Here are some examples :

  • Use training videos to uniformly inform the employees of a company.
  • Use employee TV to teach and update your colleagues and employees at all locations from the company. You can also make formal announcements, or announce recent company reports.
  • Insert illustrated instructions to explain your customers facts or usage of products in a simple way.

How can brain script help you?
The team of brain script takes care of the entire management of the use of your corporate TV or corporate web video. We first of all will be working with your company to define the target group you want to reach. After that, we will help you to set up the corporate TV / corporate video infrastructure. We support you with the editorial work – or manage it for you. We produce individual corporate films or corporate TV and show you how they are transmitted to the audience. brain script accompanies you throughout the entire process and manages as many steps as you wish.
Together we can share your content and move your audience.