Consulting, strategy and corporate video
Over 20 years of expertise in consulting, moving image and print

brain script offers consulting and multiple services in strategy and communication, integrated communication, communication including moving image, communication with classical print elements and special forms of the communication like viral marketing and viral clips. brain script conceptualizes and produces corporate TV in all of its forms (such as employees TV, customers TV, business TV, stakeholder TV or executives TV), as well as company representations in form of image films or fair films. In addition, brain script also develops new concepts for special forms of the moving image communication, for example training videos, learning-support-videos, educational films, video instructions and interactive applications for online communication.
Dr. Nikolai A. Behr, the managing director of brain script, stands with his now over twenty years of professional experience for quality, reliability and innovative strategy development in the field of communication. Within the process of creating the right communication strategy for a company, brain script first analyzes and evaluates the existing communication channels of the customers company. brain script then develops a concept, objectives and set targets for all of the companies’ communication areas together with its clients. The implementation of the communication strategies are carried out by every single way of the companies’ or institutions’ communication. During that process, it is conceptually important for brain script to always use integrated communication.
*(Moving image communication has become established as a term for video-based communications in Germany)

The five brain script rules for good communication are :

  1. Communication should be clear, open and honest
    (Not everything must be communicated. What is communicated, however, must be right and dependable)
  2. Communication means not only to talk, but also to listen
    (only who knows its customers and their wishes is able to meet their requirements
  3. Communication should reveal emotions, but still remain objective
    (a person that is able to mediate empathy and esteem can communicate better)
  4. Communication requires structure
    (the right communication structures must be set up on time and have to be known by all partners)
  5. Communication needs opportunity
    (Create opportunities for communication for yourself, your company and your customers)


brain script is a member of the CTVA – Corporate TV & Video Association e.V. and has committed itself to the high-class standards of the CTVA e.V.