brain script now under the umbrella of DIKT GmbH

With the start of the new year, brain script has joined forces with the three other successful communication brands Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- & Medientraining®, NABehr and Archive Chris Nowotny. They now operate together under the umbrella of DIKT GmbH.

For you, however, hardly anything will change, because brain script will continue to produce image films and videos for companies. The contact persons have also remained the same.

In addition to film productions, we now also support our colleagues at the German Institute for Communication & Media Training with their online training and communication seminars. Nikolai A. Behr’s speaking and moderation activities are grouped under the NABEHR brand, and in the Archive Chris Nowotny we exclusively offer the entire archive material of photographer Chris Nowotny, which was also used, among other things, in the illustrated book Munich 50 Years in Pictures (see